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PDF Reader is a free program to open and work with PDF documents.

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Adobe Reader was released as a way to translate traditional type-set books, magazines, and documents for the computer with fonts, settings, and graphics preserved. PDF, or portable document format, files are one of the most common ways to transmit documents among both consumers and businesses, and common tasks involving Adobe Reader include printing, signing, editing, and filling out PDF documents.

As a free PDF reader, Adobe Reader is fast and easy to start using with a simple user interface that maximizes the reading space of a PDF file. Additional features that Adobe Reader supports include comments, bookmarks, links, password-protected documents, zoom, and copying text. Occasionally, users may find it necessary to edit PDF files, but Adobe Reader is mainly used for viewing PDF files while Adobe Acrobat, which is not free, is a complementary product that can be used to create and edit PDFs.

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